Living With The Effects of A Pandemic

P A N D E M I C  S U P P O R T

In this unprecedented time, you may be experiencing an intensifying of the feelings and difficulties that you always lived with. You may be experiencing new, and even, unexpected feelings, thoughts and unwanted conditions. 

I am seeing four common ways that women are processing this Pandemic...

1) Personally, How it impacts them directly: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially...

2) Empathically, How it impacts others: their children, family members, co-workers, employees...

3) Existentially, What does this all mean? What forces are at play? Why is this happening?

4) Globally, How can we do better on this planet? What ways can I be of service within my life? What needs to change socially/culturally?

As you navigate this time in your life, I want you to know that it is normal to be hurting, overwhelmed, scared, enraged, depressed, sad or lonely.

You may  be struggling with life at home without the usual distractions or with more distractions than usual.

You may not know how to organize your life now that so much has changed. 

I am finding that just three sessions learning the principles I teach and practicing applying them to this time in your life, will greatly improve your thoughts, feelings and the outcomes you experience through this journey. I'd love to help you feel better and show you how this unprecedented time can work for you!

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