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Do you notice butterflies, hummingbirds, treasure on the sidewalks? Kind faces? Cats asleep in the sun? Beach glass? Do you experience "coincidences"?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably practicing the Art of Appreciation without even realizing it.

Appreciation is the act of noticing with a sense of joy, happiness or aliveness.

Appreciation is the lubricant of the manifestation process - it greases the wheels, allowing all that you desire to flow smoothly and quickly to you.

For many people, practicing the art of criticism comes more naturally. Growing up, perhaps your home environment was a master class at the art of criticism . Some families practice it like a religion. My family noticed when anything was out of place, when disaster could strike, when something was too loud, too ugly, too difficult, or, more importantly, too positive, happy or appreciative (this was what they called "annoying"). We are cooked in the soup we grew up in, and we can come out with the taste for more of it. It can become our new normal. It can feel like our natural state.

But a state of criticism, unhappiness, negativity, irritation and annoyance is not what we were designed for and that is why, when you live in this state, your life doesn't go well. You don't get the good conditions you long for, or if you do, you can't hold onto them. And, there's a reason for this...

Our natural state is well-being, which means our pumps are primed to feel good, to love ourselves and others and, above all, to CREATE. But, when you live, work or socialize in environments that override this natural state, you can grow confused about the purpose of your being, generating more pain than pleasure.

You see, the purpose of your being is to feel good and in doing so, manifest your heart's desires! In vibrational reality, all the things you have asked for are standing by, waiting for you to claim them. But, first you need to become an energetic match, you need to lubricate the birth canal through which your heart's desire can get to you.

Practicing the Art of Appreciation restores the connection between your physical self and your Non-Physical Self. It puts you in the receiving mode! It recaptures the joyfulness in life and allows you to see the physical evidence the Universe is sending to you, affirming its love for you.

This practice is simple. 1) Start paying attention! Look around you on walks, in your home, as you drive. 2) As you see things you like, identify them (That tree is so majestic). Say it to yourself or say it out loud. 3) Take in the feeling you have in the observing (usually this is an expansive sensation, a joyful belly, a quiet smile, a giggle, energy in your body). 4) IF you continue to turn towards observing things that you don't like or feel good about, that's okay. It's normal to struggle with this shift at first. Just say to yourself, "Look at me seeing only what I can criticize! I'm going to search for something better."

The beginning of the magical manifestation of the life you want begins with Appreciation. The better you feel, the more good feeling conditions you bring into your life. It's that simple. There is no other option. It is Law.

I appreciate this opportunity to share my thoughts with other women striving for a life that feels good. Thank you witnessing this process.

All Is Well.

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