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Who were the witches?

When I think of October, I think of Halloween (and witches). This song (click the verse above to listen) always brings me to tears. I love thinking about witches as women who healed, who guided, who loved and who celebrated Universal Truth. To be aware of the "little bit of witch" within yourself really means to be in touch with your own knowing, Truth, intuition and inspiration... your Inner-Being.

Your Inner-being is the holder of all your desires, your longings, essentially, your truest Self. This You knows exactly who you are and what will bring you deepest happiness, satisfaction, growth and joy. Developing a relationship with this part of You is HOW you begin to manifest the life you want. I can already hear your question...

But, HOW?

It took me many years to understand that my feelings had a purpose. For much of my life, I thought I was at the mercy of whatever the feeling d'jour happened to be. Back then, I didn't yet understand the purpose of my feelings, but I had a sense they had a power I had yet to discover.

It turns out I was right! And, when I learned that feelings are my (and your) GPS system, that's when I started truly manifesting! Feelings, your internal navigational system, alert you to the direction you are going at all times. Are you going towards your desires or farther away from them? Are you going the quickest route to what you want or the long way around? Here's a clue: When you are feeling GOOD, that means your relationship between you and You (your Inner-being) is aligned. It means you are in the receiving mode, able to Create exactly what you want. But, when you aren't feeling good, it means that you are holding yourself apart from your Inner Being. In that place, all that is waiting for you can't flow to you. In other words, you can't get There from there.

It's really that simple with feelings. They hold the power to show us which way our thoughts, and our life, are headed.

Witches were wise, wise women they say. And, wise women know that feeling bad week after week, month after month, year after year is not your birthright. Better is waiting for you... it's not a difficult process, it just takes practice and guidance.

My Inner Witch Honors The Inner Witch In You this week. And I'd love to help you cast a spell in your life and begin to receive ALL you want!

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