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T R A N S F O R M A T I O N A L  T H E R A P Y

For twenty years, I have been solely focused on helping women navigate their relationships with others and themselves. A decade ago, I personally experienced a divorce, co-parenting and custody journey of my own that taught me things about myself I never would have known or saw if not for the difficulty of that time in my life. I was shocked at how few resources existed for women navigating the world of family law, litigation, attorneys, evaluators and often, a high conflict ex spouse. I wished I had someone like me to guide and support me. It was from this, that my work over the last decade was born. 

I am highly skilled and educated in the field of divorce and co-parenting, and I bring a unique approach to this time in your life that increases self-growth, strength and clarity through what could otherwise be a destructive experience. 

My life's purpose is to facilitate the transformation in you that I have experienced in my own life!. I love what I do and I can't wait to show you the life that awaits you - no matter where you are starting from.


I'm already excited for you! Contact me today for your free phone consultation. 

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