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Does This Happen To You?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Who relates to you?

You're floating along, personal challenges accepted, and you're feeling good whatever life throws at you...

Then, one day, you perceive the addition of a little extra contrast: an event occurs, a new question pops up or something seems to need a response from you. And, it brings up negative emotion...

If you have been following these teachings for a bit, you know that negative emotion is:

1. A sign that your Inner-Being has a very different idea about this situation than you do.

2. Resistance

3. Cutting you off from the flow of improvement in your life

And, then, in addition to feeling the negative emotion, you start to panic about what the negative emotion is doing to your vibration. Oy!

Can we all please pause for a moment and have a collective giggle? Because, when put that way, it's funny in it's human-view.

You and I know (or sense) that panic over the negative feelings just makes your resistance stronger, of course. So, what is the best course of action?

When you experience negative emotion without insight, it's a whole lot more harmful. So, first, take a moment and appreciate that you are aware in the first place! Well done!

Next, if you can ever-so-slightly shift your thoughts, it is helpful. Something like, "I've felt this way about conditions in the past and they've never produced anything but good for me." Or, "Everything is always working out for me and help is on the way." These statements can be repeated like a mantra as often as needed.

While you are saying these things to yourself, you can also allow yourself to be exactly where you are emotionally. Sadness does not reflect what you're Inner-Being knows about the subject, but crying can release a lot of resistance. Anger isn't a state to stay in, but it can motivate. Contrast does spark Inspired Action. So, don't attach and don't get lost in it, but trust.

So, as you are working on feeling good more of the time, know that not feeling good will show up as the contrast needed to feel even better! Navigating negative emotion is one way the Universe can work magic in your life. You are always going to be dealing with physical life and physical form. It's a matter of how much attention you give it that determines it's power over you.

Some of these ideas can bend the mind... and I encourage exploring and practicing them with support and community. If you think you'd like to take a deeper dive, my Weekly Women's Healing Group starting in February may be a great fit if you're a local. And, as always, I am available for in-person or online individual sessions.

Spend some time appreciating today.

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