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Pre-Paving The Way...

This week, the third post in my series about how to feel better and manifest more, is about Pre-Paving.

You've probably heard the phrase "She's paving her own way..." Long ago, when roads were dirt and difficult to travel upon, if someone wanted their road to be easier to use, they had to pave it themselves, otherwise the travel was dusty, bumpy, muddy and full of dips and holes. The introduction of cobblestones and then, asphalt or pavement, made someone's road infinitely easier to travel upon.

And, so it is with our lives.

Every moment you traverse can either go smoothly or be a bumpy ride. This is true of small, seeming inconsequential activities like brushing your teeth, to high stakes moments like a first date, and anywhere in between.

In every instance, though, you can choose an intention, a vibrational reality, for exactly how you'd like to see it go...

Let's take a medium-stakes moment: getting dressed in the morning. This can be a tough moment for many women. It potentially brings up feelings about your body (I don't look good in my clothes), your income (I can't afford the clothes I really want to wear) and your identity (I have so many different style clothes. I can never figure out how I want to dress). Morning after morning may have started out this way until, before you know it, you dread this time of day and envy everyone you meet who looks to be at such ease and comfort (not to mention style).

Remember... Vibration is everything. And, emotions tell you exactly what your vibration is on any subject. A low vibration creates an unsatisfying physical reality. Pre-paving is how you can start a better vibration going in any moment, about any subject.

Let's practice the concept of Pre-Paving with a return to getting dressed in the morning...

Before you even get out of bed in the morning, you IMAGINE yourself approaching your closet and bureau. You see yourself picking out clothes with ease, telling yourself how well the clothes will fit and how nice it will be to admire yourself in the mirror. You may even imagine certain items you have, and a way of putting them together that will be interesting and new. You tell yourself exactly the way you want this to go... "I'm going to have fun getting dressed." "I can't wait to see what I create today." "My clothes will be a perfect representation of my good feeling vibration."

You can do this with any time in your day that you'd like to improve... meals, socializing, work meetings, phone calls with family members, parenting interactions, etc... Skies the limit!

Pre-Paving is creating, in vibrational reality, the physical reality you want to experience. Physical must follow Vibration. It is Law. And, so this becomes a powerful tool in your manifestation process.

This week, take any moment that is typically stressful and difficult. Before engaging it again, Pre-Pave it exactly the way you want it to be - smooth that bumpy, dirty road into a clean, smooth path... Then, watch what happens! Practice this over and over, all week long. Once it becomes a habit, it creates a new way of life and the physical world starts responding perfectly to your new vibration.

Remember, the purpose of your life is to create and enjoy! Pre-Paving begins to get you there.

All Is Well.

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