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Famous Last Words

My last post was Pre-Corona. Pre-homestay. Pre-homeschool. Pre-New Normal. And was entitled "What I Know For Sure." I stand by what I wrote in that post, but I chuckle at how this time in our collective lives has upended a lot of people's "for sures."

Before we get started... How. Are. You?

Sometimes, when I'm asked that question with true interest, at a time when I haven't been asking myself, it causes me to tear up. So, seriously, how are you doing? In the chaos and the ever-shifting ground of this time, have you been checking in with You? Have you been loving on yourself? Have you been caring about you?

One of the best ways you can take care of yourself is to pay attention to the quality of your thoughts and where you are focusing. Your thoughts and your focus are your most powerful and plentiful resources.

With your thoughts, you create your reality. Most of us don't think deliberately, Instead, we find ourselves thinking and away we go on that track, as if we have no choice. It's like our thoughts are an amusement park ride, and when we get on, we are along for the ride that was pre-planned for us.

But, actually, your thoughts are much more within your control than you realize. A better analogy for how your thoughts work is your car. When you get into the car that you selected, you determine your destination, your route and your speed. You are the deliberate creator of your ride. And, you can become the deliberate creator of the quality of your thoughts.

Each day, you have the ability to intentionally and deliberately choose your thoughts, and in doing so, choose where you take yourself and what the journey looks like.

So, with that in mind, what have your thoughts (and the quality of your focus) about all things Coronavirus been? Fearful, excited, hopeful, sorrowful, joyful?

Coronavirus is like anything else in life. It just is. It exists like money exists, like love exists, like food exists. And, like with all other things, our vibration determines the way Coronavirus enters our lives, and what our journey with it will deliver to us.

I am encouraging you to use this time at home to learn the skills of Meditation (15 minutes in the morning is all it takes), Appreciation and Pre-Paving. These are all practices that improve your vibration and the thoughts you think... Which improves your LIFE.

Each week, for the next three weeks, my blog will address Mediation, Appreciation and Pre-Paving. You can read what I've written and use the week to practice, noting how it changes your thoughts and, in turn, your experiences.

Until next Monday, when I discuss the form of mediation that I recommend most, please notice your thoughts and take each opportunity to remind yourself that You are the thinker of your thoughts, and You can choose the ones you want to think.

Everything is always working out for you, and help is on the way.

Love, Shelly

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