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Years ago, history, in several profound ways, was repeating itself. My mother lie dying of terminal cancer while I was facing the most challenging time in my personal life. Twenty years earlier, as a child, I had lived through my parents' stressful divorce, and then, my father spent a year dying of terminal cancer.

Have you ever experienced this kind of sick, twisted deja vu?, the worst part of your life on auto repeat? If ever there was a chance to lay claim to the role of "victim" it would have been me, then.

Is it you, now?

You may have every right to feel victimized. Chances are, if I told my story to you, you'd give me permanent rights to never get out of bed again. The evidence would be overwhelming. And, if I heard yours, I'd give you the right, too. But, where would that get us? In a murder case when the evidence is overwhelming, isn't the victim dead?

Through everything my life has shown me, I have learned something about evidence. It's a self-creation. Because you create with your thoughts, you can find evidence to support any belief you have. And, what you get with thoughts of victimization is just more victimization. That's right: Evidence.

When I realized that I create with my thoughts, and I was, therefore, in charge of the evidence I found, I began to choose my thoughts more carefully. I decided that I wanted to build evidence for the life I wanted: evidence of well-being, love, laughter, happiness, all-is-okayness, peace, contentment, abundance... I wanted to see more of all that in my daily life.

Now, I am good at this and I teach other women how to create with their thoughts, building overwhelming evidence of the lives they want to have.

One of my favorite tools, of many, is a List Of Appreciation. It's a list I keep going all day long of things I appreciate. My list might seem funny sometimes... On the list are things like "my dog's wiggling bum," "the way my toes look when I hold my foot just so." But, it can also be reverent, too: "that I live in a place some people dream about," "my ability to appreciate," "my child's love."

The more these things make their way onto my list, the more of them I get. And, I now have enough evidence to know that if I want something I don't yet have, I just need to act as if I do, appreciating it before it arrives. It works every time.

I want you to enjoy choosing your thoughts, creating evidence for the life you want and having fun being the creator you came here to be.

And, as always, if you'd like to work with me on transforming any aspect of your life, I'd love to work with you!

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