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It's A New Decade!

Did you, like me, feel that strong energy from Solstice to the Christmas New Moon?

For those handful of days, I felt like I had been stripped of all the inner wisdom and growth and larger perspective I usually have. Oh, I was aflutter with the joy and fun of the holiday season, yes, but underneath I felt darkness, sadness and a deep questioning of my path. Things weren't flowing in their usual way.

I like to share when I experience these times because I feel that it allows other women to do the same. I’ve had many of you tell me of similar experiences, even if you were largely unconscious of them, chalking them up to the stress of the holidays or too much sugar or alcohol.

So, did you feel it?

Here’s what was happening… the end of 2019 is the end of a year, yes, but it is also the end of a decade. Astrologically and Numerologically, 2019 was a year about completion and endings, wrapping things up and being ready for new. Anyone who took up that work in earnest, knowingly or unknowingly, got a BIG hit of “finishing up” and letting go between the Winter Solstice and The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Christmas… Esentially, you were being fully readied to move into the next phase of your CREATION.

So, all those tears you cried, thoughts that sent you reeling or loose strings that showed up in the form of obstacles or people or required actions, they were getting you ready to hit the ground running fresh in 2020.

Astrologically, Numerologically, and based on channeled Spirit wisdom, 2020 is going to be a year of BIG action - action that is aligned with our highest selves, our Inner-Beings. To the extent that we accept this challenge and focus our energy on aligning with our Light, acting from that place when we are called and inspired, this year will go very well for us. To the extent that we hold back, that we refuse to align or continue to act out of the old, we will suffer.

The Light workers, the advanced beings on our planet, are collectively letting the planet know that 2020 is an important moment to begin to act in alignment if we want to accomplish important manifestation. But, first we must be aligned! For this reason, I am launching a new and powerful Women’s Healing Group

in February. Together, women will learn Universal Laws and teachings, heal old patterns of thought and feeling and practice the art of Manifestation. This group will be a joy. It will be fun. It will be meaningful.

Please go to Left Coast Art Studio today and secure your place in the group! There are a few spots left and I’d love to see you get everything you want and deserve in 2020!

Happy New Decade!

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