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Mercury Just Went Retrograde...

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Mercury just went retrograde and will stay retrograde until November 20th. If you, like me, use Astrology as a lens through which the world can be viewed, you may have a particularly negative or worrisome view about Mercury going retrograde.

But Wait...

Like with all things in our lives, we are co-creating. Our view of current conditions leads to the creation of new conditions. In this wonderful article about the opportunities Mercury retrograde has to offer, Melanie Beckler, affirms what I teach:

"But remember… You’re co-creating your life experience. So yes, if you focus on all the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde, they will likely manifest for you!"

Mercury retrograde is actually an incredible opportunity to begin transformational work! It is a time when the parts of your life that are not working for you come into clear view and demand attention. We are asked to slow down, look more closely and take a deeper dive into our lives. Please schedule a thirty minute free connect with me to see how Transformational Therapy can support all of this and shift everything for you! It's never been a better time to begin than by taking advantage of this Mercurial energy.

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