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Upstream v. Downstream...

Chances are, if you are anything like I used to be, you believe that you need to take action, lots of action, to bring about the things you want. And, that the harder you work the quicker you'll make it all happen.

You also probably suffer from wanting solutions and outcomes to happen on your timeline... when you feel it is right.

The most common mistunderstandings that prevent any of us from getting control of a situation and gaining our balance within it are:

1) Believing that YOU need to be the one to make it happen...

Everything you want is DOWNSTREAM and going downstream is easy. You don't have to work hard at it, you just let go of your oars and the current you've built up with all that wanting carries you to the wanted. This is essentially what "letting go" is. This doesn't mean that you won't be INSPIRED to take action. But, the action that you are inspired to take will feel and look very different than your control and worry and overthinking.

2) Wanting to get where you want to be RIGHT NOW...

The desire to find answers quickly and solve problems as fast as you can works against you. Because, a sense of urgency is a desire to be somewhere other than where you are, and THAT is resistance! It's rowing upstream! In your belief that you must get to an improved place quickly, you are discounting the lessons, beauty and detours that the journey is using to bring you more and more and more of what you want in advance of that ultimate outcome you are seeking. So, when you finally get what you've been wanting, it should feel like an arrival, not a relief. It should feel like you have floated into shore rather than rowed for a year or ten or twenty to get there.

My challenge to you this week is to play with turning your boat downstream when it comes to the upstreamness of any problem you are experiencing. If you are worried about paying the rent or finding enough grocery money to feed your kids, if you are struggling with a difficult relationship or feeling lonely because you don't have the relationship you want, if you are upset about a work condition or a pattern within yourself you can't seem to change, what could you do to turn that boat around, take your oars out of the water and just let the current carry you, knowing you will arrive at the exact destination you are pursuing in the perfect timing?

Yes, it takes trust, faith and belief that your Inner Being has your back. I would be honored to help you cultivate all of that so you can achieve a Downstream Life.

Until then, All is Well...

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