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I don't know about you, but I got walloped this week.

Walloped: defined as being struck or hit; a heavy blow or punch. Or, as I like to say, a big ol' dose of Contrast.

I both love and hate a good wallop. I love it because Contrast is the first sign a new manifestation is on its way. I love it because it gives me a chance to apply Universal Principles, and typically that gets me some juicy and exciting evidence that the Universe has my back (It has yours, too, by the way). I hate it because it can hurt, create chaos or stress and usually catches me off guard. My wallop this week was all of the above.

But, I feel so excited to share that the evidence of Universal support was so much stronger than the upset that had the potential to strike terror in me. Anyone with PTSD will understand what I mean by that. I was able to sit above the situation and watch it unfold without more than momentary attachment.

I could see where I needed to keep working on my vibration and I was able to do a few things differently to ensure that I didn't close my valve for too long at any given point.

I still have no idea exactly the path that will unfold in front of me around this condition. I'm not sure how the details will all work out, but I know it will. It has to. There's no other option! As long as you are putting your focus on things that feel good, meditating and calibrating to your Inner-Being moment to moment, you will receive the perfect outcome. Honestly, I'm kind of excited. And, when I find myself moving into worry or fear or obsessive thinking I have my favorite mantra...

"Everything is always working out for me, and help is on the way!"

My Women's Weekly Healing Group begins on Thursday evening. My journey this week has me feeling prepared to share the message that even in the darkest, deepest moments of your life, you can get yourself going downstream. You can take your oars out of the water. You can find the path of least resistance. You can look for evidence of Universal support. You can receive the manifestations you desire.

I've been enjoying telling people that this year is my Viking year. My year of fierce belief and faith. My year of radical acceptance. My year of living aligned with Source as much as possible. No fear. And so, when I was told that the person who could most help me in my current life condition was a "savage", I smiled and giggled and knew that the Universe had delivered, not the way I thought the details would work best, but as always, in the most perfect and hysterical way, EVEN BETTER than I could have made happen! The Universe love to play. And it has the best sense of humor! Savage. Viking. Pretty funny.

This week, keep the faith. Keep your valve open. Keep yourself aligned. And watch for evidence. It'll be there.

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