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What I have to say...

What I have to say is that your vibration is everything. Everything. The Law of Deliberate Creation says that you can be, do or have anything you want. The Law of Attraction says that everything you want to be, do or have will manifest when you become a match to it - through your vibration. These laws are fixed, unmoving, unbending, unyielding. You can't change them or impact them.

So what can you do?

You can allow. The art of allowing is a fine art. You choose your thoughts and your feelings with care. You select your focus for each desire... And, with enough practice, you begin to enter into the flow. You begin to sync your vibration with your desires.

The art of allowing takes careful practice, but it's the practice of feeling good as much of the time as you can. It's about reaching for relief in worry; hope in sadness; trust in doubt. Here are a few of my favorite statements when I am practicing the art of allowing...

Everything is always working out for me and help is on the way.

This, too, is part of the plan.

Contrast means I'm getting closer to my manifestation.

This feeling will pass if I let it.

There is nothing to guard against.

My Inner-Being knows exactly the path to take me on.

What I have to say is that you can feel good more than you do. You are a deliberate creator. You are the receiver of what you desire.

I'm so excited to be taking seven new women on this journey in my Weekly Women's Healing Group this month. I'd love to assist you on yours, as well.

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