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When things feel really bad...

It happens. Times in life when the weight of the world feels that it is bearing down upon you. Crushing debt, illness, accidents, significant loss of income, difficult decisions, chronic self-harming, divorce, premature death of a spouse or child or parent, infidelity, social humiliation, homelessness, isolation, abuse...

These experiences are real. And, most of us, if we're truly living, experience them at some point in our lives. I like to call this Contrast.

Contrast can be INTENSE. Contrast can be confusing. Contrast brings on all the negative emotions -fear, sadness, anger.

On the journey to deliberately creating the life you want, Contrast will make an appearance. You see, if you don't have things to kick you in the ass, to cause you to no longer be satisfied with your current reality, you'd probably stay comfortably right where you are. Think about it, even if you're comfortably making a million dollars a year, but dream of wide-scale philanthropy, your Inner-Being has to create waves to get you moving towards multi-millions... You will be pushed out of the womb of your current creation, down the birth canal of your next one.

And, yes, that birth into new and greater creation can be, will be, painful. Perhaps that million dollar business will fail only to give rise to an even more lucrative one!

It hurts, you'll cry out. It hurts. It's uncomfortable. I feel bad. I feel sad. I feel alone. I feel confused. But, like a laboring mother, you can hold the perspective... "My baby is coming!" Aka: My new creation is on it's way. My new manifestation is beginning.

This response to Contrast is the one you need to live downstream, to live in receptivity instead of resistance. And, this is how you produce physical evidence of your desire more quickly and joyfully.

If you are experiencing intense Contrast currently in your life, I urge you to relax. I ask you to breathe and trust through it. I compel you to find the path of least resistance and embrace it, even if it seems uncomfortable and impossible.

Because, once you can do this, physical evidence of your biggest desires will begin to appear on your path and you will laugh and smile and relax your way to the ultimate manifestation of what you've been seeking.

It is law.

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