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Worry and Well-Being

Are you a worrier? I am. I find that worry is my first response to the unknown and the first response I have to unwanted conditions. Worry can even take on a life of it's own and lead to worst-case-scenario fantasies that lead to ever-more worrying. And, worry feels awful. There's a reason it does. And, it is dangerous.

For a moment, let's review the second Universal Law, The Law of Deliberate Creation. This Law teaches that when you direct your thoughts and attention to something, you create it. Think for a moment of The Book Of Genesis in The Bible. Each line begins with "God said..." and in return the desire of God's focus was created... water, animals, sun... Universal Law teaches not only that you too have this power to deliberately create, but it is your soul (pun intended) purpose for being... to come into physical form and enjoy creating just as God did.

What IF you believed that you can create anything you want? Any outcome. Any experience.Any condition. Wouldn't you want to do it?

Believing that you CAN is all it takes. But, not believing... that's the reason you worry. In other words, you don't worry because you believe bad things are going to happen. You worry because you know that what's missing in the equation,

"What I Want + Me + The Universe = Getting What I Want,"

is the "Me" part!

Here's the deal: Once you identify what you want, the Universe is ON IT. Remember, the Universe always has your back. So, you understanding that how YOU think and feel and act is all you need to complete that equation, well, that's when everything changes!

Learn to live in alignment with your Inner Being and turn worry into well-being...

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