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Every day we have the opportunity to calibrate to our Inner-Being and look for evidence of our vibration. It's a constant, on-going process and a commitment to feeling good and having fun with our lives.

Feeling good is typically the concept that my clients have the most resistance to. Isn't that interesting? It was true for me, too, originally. But, learning how to feel good and trusting feeling good is the first step to attracting your desires and ultimately creating the life you want.

Lovely women, all day long, come to my office and say things to me like "What about Iran? How can I feel good about Iran?" Well, if you keep at it, one day even the state of Iran won't bring on negative emotions, but I am not asking you to look at Iran and feel good. I am asking you to look at everything that feels good and feel good about it. And, please don't look at Iran. Don't look at things that feel bad until you've gotten the hang of it.

I'll share a personal example. Almost four years ago my mother died. I'd say on the scale of painful experiences, that's right up there. And, every time I thought about her being gone I felt terrible and cried. Applying these Universal principles, I chose to accept that my negative emotion wasn't good for me and each time my thoughts went to my mother dying, I'd stop myself and think of other things that shifted my sadness and even brought on good feelings. I had to do this often, at first, but I stuck with it and I kept it up. One day, I noticed that I hadn't thought of my mother dying in a while, and my grief had greatly subsided. That very night, I had a dream about my mother. She was her best age, glowing and smelled just like herself. We had a lovely time together.

I choose to believe that this dream was evidence that my Inner-Being was showing me what was true about my mother. She was very well. She was still loving me. And, in my happiness, I achieved this manifestation, that I had kept away from me in my sadness. After that dream, I noticed that I no longer felt sad when I thought about her dying. And, I haven't since. Sometimes, I feel her with me and I am filled with emotion, but it's joyful and powerful, not sad.

We are all being guided by forces more powerful and benevolent than we can possibly understand. Our only job is to become cooperative with them. Calibrating to your Inner-Being, i.e., looking for things that feel good and focusing upon them, staying away from thoughts that create negative emotion, will eventually put you in the most receptive mode. That's The Art of Allowing. And, when you master it, as well as whenever you practice it, you will see your manifestations abound. But, more importantly, you will enjoy the evidence that you are on the right track.

Are you allowing?

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