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Autumn's Opportunities...

As the season changes and the days grow shorter, it can be a time of greater resistance and negative feelings can take hold. Colder weather and darker days can effect even the happiest among us. And, your feelings about being cold, inclimate weather and darkness, increase resistance, which keeps all that you want from flowing to you. This time of year has the potential to bring up sadness, loneliness and inertia along with a big serving of counter-manifesting! In today's blog I offer a new way to think about this time of year that can keep you from counter-manifesting and lead to HUGE Transformation in your life.


Cocoons, caves, wombs... these are all places where darkness reigns. Yet, in that darkness, glorious things are happening. Caterpillars are preparing to beat wings the colors of the rainbow, bears are birthing and nourishing their newborns who will emerge lovely, sweet furry cubs, and in the warmth and darkness of the womb, human life itself is developing.

In other words, darkness has creative, life-giving potential!

But, negative associations to darkness, ones that define it as the absence of light, are resistant thoughts which keep you from flowing with the seasons. And the greater your resistance, the more you dis-allow manifestation. The truth is, when the light recedes and makes way for early nightfall, you have the opportunity to align with, and use, this precious dark for your own retreat, relaxation and rebirth. Instead of letting early nightfall symbolize loss of energy and vitality, lean into the darkness, and give birth to new potential in your own life.

This is the perfect time to start a spiritual practice and/or do more self-help reading that supports the life you want (maybe a book about money or meditation or relationships). Cooking at home more and eating earlier will nourish your body towards wellness rather than illness. And, sleeping more is a wonderful act of non-resistance. Sleep, like meditation, quiets the mind, and a thoughtless mind is a non-resistant mind! Think of Autumn's darkness as a chance to release resistance, regroup and B E C O M E more aligned with your Inner-Being.


The more you focus on the cold, the colder you will feel. So an easy adjustment this year is to finally invest in the right outerwear! When you are always toasty warm and dry, you will not be inclined to complain, "It's soooo cold!" or "I hate the rain!" Also, take advantage of this time of year to make fires and light candles.

Tis the season to invite the creative element of fire into your life

and spark passion!

Cold weather is also a chance for you to take a break from focused negative attention to your body. In Autumn and Winter, we wear more clothes and those clothes are generally less body-conscious. With the conclusion of beach and pool weather, bathing suits are no longer a weekly requirement and our thoughts are not as consistently drawn to our bodies' imperfections. Go with it! Give those resistant, negative emotions a break. The Law of Attraction teaches that you get more of what you focus on. So, if you aren't happy with aspects of your body, here is a chance for the focus to come away from that. No thoughts about your body is a significantly better position than negative thoughts. In this place of non-resistance, fueled by the desire to get warm during the cold weather, you may be motivated to take Inspired action... join a warm/hot yoga studio, run or swim in a heated pool, a byproduct of which is increased strength and/or weight loss.

Whatever Transformation you are looking for, emotional, spiritual or physical, Autumn has something to offer. So, don't resist the loss of Summer. Don't let the darkness darken your thoughts or the loss of light dim your feelings. Lean into Autumn, take Inspired action when it presents itself and watch... As you release resistance to the seasonal changes, more and more and more of what you want flows to you...

If you enjoyed this post and found it insightful or helpful, this may also be a perfect time to begin Transformational Therapy. I'd love to give you more insight tailored specifically to YOU!

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