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Cinderella Knows Something You May Not...

Do you ever wonder what part you play in...

Solving problems?

Maintaining Happiness?

Creating Satisfaction?

Fixing issues?

Most of the women I sit with each week come to me somewhere on the continuum between General Unhappiness/Dissatisfaction and Something-Really-Awful-Has-Happened. And, the most common question each woman asks, in her own way and time, is "What do I do?"

Is this a question you frequently ask?

The equation of life is this:

Me + My Inner Being = Creation/Satisfaction

This is EXACTLY the spiritual truth that the personal creation story of Cinderella is meant to address...

Chapter One:

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived happily with all that she could ever want. A loving mother, father and expansive, beautiful home. She had abundance in every way.

Before we choose to come into physical form, we exist in a perfect state of oneness, like Source Energy or God does. Even Source realized that, while oneness is blissful, creation is fun! And, that's how this whole physical world got started.

In the non-physical, there is no contrast, but there is also no ability to create. And, so, we grow bored and make the choice to take form for the purpose of expansion, growth and to experience the delights of the physical world. We know there will be contrast, but we also know that this contrast will cause us to experience dislike and dissatisfaction, and lead to desire for all that we do want. Just watch what happens next in our story...

Chapter Two:

One day, the girl's mother becomes sick and dies. Loss. Her father pours all his love upon her, but falls into a depression and eventually must leave the home to resume his business. Human suffering. He leaves his daughter for a long period of time in which she is must process the loss of her mother alone. Abandonment / Loneliness. And, when he returns, her father brings with him, a new wife and her two daughters. Life Transition. Then, one day, after her father has left again on business, the new family is notified that he took ill and died. More loss. Over time, the family falls into poverty and the girl is made to be servant for the step-mother and step-sisters. Money Issues / Change of circumstance.

And, so, herein lies the Contrast. This, is what women come to me to sort out: loss, trauma, loneliness, financial trouble, relationship issues... This is what's going on when they look at me and ask "What do I do?" So, let's look at what Cinderella does...

Chapter Three:

The girl, in her new dissatisfying conditions: mourning, poverty, servitude and loneliness, has to decide what she will do. She begins to form relationships with the natural world - the animals and plants around her. She talks to them (her Inner-Being) each day. She sings songs and she treats those around her with kindness. She finds ways to FEEL GOOD and APPRECIATE what she can, a cast off ribbon, a bunch of unstrung beads, an old, outdated dress.

And, there it is... The answer to "What Should I do?"

1. Accept each and every condition as the contrast you require to give birth to an expanding life...

2. Do things and find things about which you can feel good no matter what.

3. Develop a relationship with your Inner Being and talk to it!

4. Get in the state of Appreciation as much as possible. There is always something to appreciate!

5. Watch for people, places and things to Inspire you to action and light the way.

And, then one day, magically, her Fairy Godmother (aka Her Inner Being) shows up and POOF! the girl lives Happily Ever After...

This is when, Cinderella (and you) get to experience your Deliberate Creation!

So, the next time you are asking "What do I do?" just refer to steps 1-5 and get started. The Universe, Your Inner-Being will do everything else!

I know, right? Who knew that Cinderella was actually a creation story?

I did.

Transformational Therapy is fun like this. It's insightful, explorative, creative, deep and encouraging. Reach out for more:

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