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This week, our country celebrates Thanksgiving. I remember the simplicity of holidays as a very young child. Extended family was plentiful and traditions were predictable. From my child's perspective, the holidays were simply joyful. And, just like you, I've lived through years of holidays during painful life transitions... death, divorce, trauma..

The truth is, when you're hurting, the holidays can be treacherous ground.

I have certainly seen the changing of the tide when it comes to the holidays. For my child, and for myself, I have become the sole creator of these celebrations. And, there is some freedom in that. But, there is sadness, too, especially as I navigate the terrain of co-parenting with my child's unhealthy other parent who uses each holiday as an opportunity to create as much chaos and unpredictability as possible.

And, honestly, through it all... I. Am. Grateful. I'm not grateful every moment, especially when a fresh difficulty surfaces. But, I truly believe that the contrast of my life, and yours, is a constant invitation to work on tuning our signals. And, every circumstance offers clarity and resolution - if you're willing to embrace it. So, this week of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a few things:

I am thankful that even though my wonderful childhood holidays created a certain difficult-to-live-up-to effect, they taught me how to make things special.

I am thankful that I learned, by having to give up celebrating holidays the way our culture (and my childhood) expresses them, that they are just days. And, you can make a holiday any old time you choose.

I am thankful that I have seen the worst side of a human being and I continue to take my own personal inventory, making the choice to rise instead of fall.

I am thankful that my heart can be opened, not closed, by the difficult parts of life.

I am thankful that I can do the mental Ji Jitsu required to "accept the things I cannot change" and find peace (even happiness) amidst the storm.

I am thankful that humbling experiences have taught me to reach out to others (in the true spirit of the holidays) and ask for the love, comfort and connection I need.

And, above all else, I am thankful that I can return to my Inner-Being, choosing to take my focus off whatever may be hard about the holidays, and place it on all that I find to appreciate.

For this is the key to it all...

Your Inner-Being, your non-physical self, does not distinguish between Thanksgiving or Christmas and next Tuesday. Think about that. The holidays are simply human creations born out of a desire to raise our vibration... through good food, love, song, dance, coming together and beauty. And, the best time to raise your vibration is... every single moment.

This Thanksgiving, and beginning Christmas Season, I am offering you the spiritual truth that you are loved. You are the Holiday Spirit you are looking for. You are what you need. Keep observing, not what hurts, but what feels good. The warm bath, the healthy meal, the sweet movie, the old photo albums, the walk in the sun, the closeness of your pet, the smile of the stranger. Keep working on becoming a vibrational match for your deepest desires, and for heaven's sake, spend time with people and in places that DO feel good. And when your attention turns to your current unwanted conditions and the contrast of your life, it's okay to acknowledge it, allowing an emotional release, and then get right back to appreciating.

I know the holidays can be hard. I know they're loaded with anticipation and it's counterpart - let down. I know they rarely live up to the hope of what they will be. And, I know for some of you, they are complicated by loss and longing, creating a heavy heart, tearful nights and even the feeling of "why bother."

But, keep going. Start again each day. Just do the best you can. The Universe knows when you're trying and it is ready and waiting to meet you!

It's all okay. All is truly well. However large or small your worry or sadness is, if you don't get sad and stay sad for too long, if you don't get afraid and stay afraid for too long, your Inner-Being will use the contrast to take you downstream. Downstream to where all you want is waiting for you. There is no other possibility. It is law.

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