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What I know for sure...

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Oprah used to have (maybe she still does) a piece in her magazine each month entitled "What I know for sure." I remember asking myself at that time, "Do I know anything for sure?" I don't recall that I did.

I do now.

What I know for sure is that The Law of Attraction is real. Vibration is everything. The secret to a good life is the Art of Allowing, and you and me, we're here to deliberately, joyously, abundantly create.

For sure, I know this.

I'll be honest, I've done my research. Over my forty-nine years, I've explored it all... And, nothing ever felt real the way these Universal Principles feel when they are applied and practiced.

Evidence of this truth abounds in your life, whether you believe or not. Whether you practice or not. Whether you know or not. I'll show you. Go ahead and think of one subject (good or bad) in your life. Notice the quality of the attention with which you focus. And, now, with respect to that subject take a look at the state of that subject in your life. What do you notice about the match between the quality of your focus and the physical evidence on that subject?

Let me explain...

I have a certain matter in my life that has an outcome attached to it. Lots of mini-outcomes, actually, and one big ultimate outcome. It's a very big and important matter. It's serious, if you will. For many years, I focused upon this subject with fear and faithlessness while I watched the matter downward spiral into the very outcomes I most feared. And, my fear and faithlessness would be affirmed.

In other words, physical evidence of my focus and my vibration abounded.

I came to realize that I was actually matching with certain outcomes and situations through my vibration. And that's when I learned what I now know for sure...

It is my promise to you, that you can learn how to focus differently and tune your vibration to a new frequency. You can practice different thoughts and cultivate new emotions. And, one shift at a time you will begin to see the physical evidence of your improvement immediately.

This week, I will lead the final session of February's Women's Healing Group. The experience the women have had is remarkable and, for me, expected. They can't believe how fast things in their lives are changing and manifesting, but I can.

Whether you are a group person or someone who would do better in one-on-one sessions, I encourage you to become a vibrational match to the life you want by starting this work with me in 2020.

It's time!

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